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Monday, December 6, 2010

Save money these holidays with DriveMyCar Rentals

Australians can save money this holiday season by getting involved in the peer to peer (P2P) car rental concept.

DriveMyCar Rentals facilitates private car rentals, connecting individual car owners with drivers and potentially saving them up to 60% when compared to traditional car hire providers - and allowing car owners to earn some extra cash.

To rent a Ford Falcon Sedan for seven days through DriveMyCar Rentals costs approximately $153. This is significantly less than the $462 one would expect to pay Budget for a week's rental* - a saving of $309 or 66%.

DriveMyCar Rentals is a P2P service, so the rental amount goes to another consumer. This means they can generate some extra cash by renting out their unused cars.

For peace of mind, car owners can choose everything from the rental price to the minimum age of the potential drivers - and full insurance is included in the rental price.

"By renting private vehicles that would otherwise sit in the garage, benefits can be realised by all parties," said Daniel Noble, owner, founder and user of DriveMyCar Rentals.

"Renters can experience significant savings that can be put to better use at an expensive time of year, for example Christmas presents for family or to enjoy a celebratory meal at a nice restaurant! And owners benefit from earning some well-needed cash at an expensive time of year." With more than 5,000 registered users across Australia and up to 37 different car models available, renters are sure to find a car that meets their needs - whether it's a Toyota Hiace for the whole family or a sporty BMW Coupe to impress the in-laws.

For more information and to rent cars online for less, visit *Cost taken from for 7 days car hire (1st-7th December, 2010).

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