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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brisbane edges out Melbourne and Sydney as the most expensive domestic city for holidaymakers

Expedia reveals which Australian city provides the best value holiday items

Despite the strength of the Australian Dollar making the decision between an international or domestic holiday difficult, getting the best value for money is still the number one priority for savvy Aussie travellers. For those planning a trip within Australia this year, it is important to know that the costs of common holiday items can vary across the country.

To help travellers make informed decisions about costs, online travel company has compiled its inaugural Australian Expedia Travel Value Tracker*. Accompanying Expedia's international Travel Value Tracker, the annual index lists 10 typical every day holiday items purchased in hotels in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Surprisingly, 'Brisvegas' proved to be the most expensive Australian city coming in at $116.05 for the 10 items followed by Melbourne ($112.60), Sydney ($104.80) and Perth ($102.20). Adelaide was the cheapest city for the ten items, coming in well under $100 at $92.90.

Despite Melbourne being the second most expensive city in Australia, it had the cheapest prices for a coffee, schooner of beer, can of coke, hamburger and chips, and internet access. However, a trip to your hotel from the airport by taxi could burn a hole through your wallet as Melbourne has the most expensive taxi fare in the country at $53.35, one of the highest in the world. London is the most expensive, followed by Paris.

Australian cities also proved to be pricey for having jeans laundered, with all capital cities revealed among the most expensive in the world. Sydney has the honour of being Australia's most expensive city in which to get a pair of jeans laundered.

In addition to these on-the-ground costs catching travellers by surprise, Aussies are also often stung by domestic flight booking fees of up to $30, charged by some online travel websites. By booking through, which does not charge a booking fee, Sydney visitors could make better use of the savings to purchase a cup of coffee and a bottle of water while having their jeans laundered and spending 30 minutes online. In Melbourne, travellers could dine on a hamburger and chips, wash it down with cleansing ale before jumping on the internet to reconfirm their flight; all for under $30.

Joana Barros, Senior Manager Marketing at, said: "We know holiday budgets can be tight and these necessities can add up to make a serious dent in your spending money.

"By pocketing the savings from no booking fees at Expedia, Australians will have more choice to purchase the things they really want, as well as what they need when on holiday," she said.

Prices are correct as at 15:00 on 9 June 2011. (Click to enlarge)

*About the Expedia Travel Value Tracker

The prices were obtained using an average charged by three, four and five star hotels in each city for each listed item.

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