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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Premium Economy: An affordable compromise or waste?

Source: Australian Frequent Flyer

Premium economy was trumpeted to consumers as being a touch of luxury at an affordable price.

Many of our members seem to have adopted a general level of apathy towards the product. In describing their premium economy experience many of our members have used words like 'ok', 'average' and 'Waste of money'. Other members go as far to say that it is little more than a marketing gimmick.

THAI Airways Premium Economy
However, some members believe it fills a genuine gap in the market for an affordable compromise between first and economy class. One vertically blessed member finds premium economy an excellent and affordable alternative to being cramped in economy or broke in first-class. Many members have found premium economy offer the right price, right amenities and right service without breaking the bank. Airlines around the world have already begun ramping up their premium economy services and our members are hopeful that other airlines will follow suit.

Another member has discovered a unique way to add a touch of luxury. This member forgoes the premium economy and instead opts to buy two seats in economy class to provide more comfort. Two economy tickets costs roughly 1.5 times as much and by selecting the A and C seats, you are often lucky enough to pick up the B seat as empty as well. Tickets are only taxed on the first seat and there is leg-room galore and double the points and status credits to boot.

Other members use premium economy as the perfect way to circumvent their company travel policy that insists they fly 'economy'.

Read the full discussion HERE.

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