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Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Seoul Subway Guide & Pavement QR Codes Assist visitors to Korea

Seoul city is becoming a more tourist friendly city with the latest Subway Guide for Visitors and pedestrian QR Codes on the street in Korean singing sensation PSY's neighborhood of Gangnam.

QR Codes have been around for a number of years in Korea on bus shelters and elsewhere, but it is the first time that the QR codes have appeared on the pavement right in the eye of pedestrians.

The QR Codes can be accessed with a smartphone and provide tourist information about major attractions in the Gangnam area.  By simply scanning the QR Code visitors can read numerous information and materials taken from printed brochures about the Gangnam, Garosu-gil, and area surrounding COEX.

Using the QR Codes is quick and easy.  You simply scan with the code-scanning app on your phone and the information will automatically pop up about the area you are visiting with information regarding shopping areas, restaurant locations and directions in English, Chinese or Japanese.

The new Seoul Subway Travel Guide (Lines 1-8) has been published in four languages including English to make it easier for visitors to the city to get around the Seoul CBD to go sightseeing, shopping and more.  The Travel Guide has a lot of  useful information for visitors such as how to buy a single journey ticket, how to use the transportation card recharging machine, tour courses available by subway and other essential information for getting around the city.  Seoul city's subway is super efficient and very safe and clean and incredibly cheap to get around with a ride costing less than a dollar.

The Seoul Subway Travel Guide is available in (44) Seoul subway stations frequented by foreign visitors and Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) plan to have the guides on their official travel website ( in the near future.

For more information on QR Travel Codes and the Seoul Subway Travel Guide visit the official travel website for Korea or pick up the guide at the nearest subway station on arrival in Seoul.

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