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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moor Dawn Service Options Aboard Gallipoli-2015

The Australian newspaper and Sky news report Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) support for cruise ships mooring off Anzac Cove during centennial Dawn Service Commemorations.

Arrangements for this Gallipoli-2015 initiative have already been confirmed with local port authorities.

Overnight on 24th April 2015, the Epic Cruise liner will moor as close as practical to Anzac Cove. It may be possible for passengers to observe Official Dawn Service proceedings from the ship. On board, there will be a dignified service and live broadcast of official commemorations.

Two other options are available to Epic Cruise passengers:
  • Anzac Cove Dawn Service
  • passengers successful in the Anzac Ballot and holding entry tickets for the official commemoration service at North Beach will be transferred to and from the cruise ship.
  • Independent Dawn Service
  • an independent, ballot-free event is being finalised for a site of ANZAC significance within the Gallipoli National Park, that will include a live broadcast of official commemorations.
This choice aligns with Dawn Service origins that saw a number of independent commemorations occur at locations around Australia and the Western Front.

The spirit of ANZAC is best represented by peace and comradeship. A number of different choices to join centenary activities at Gallipoli in 2015 will enable more Australians and New Zealanders who feel a strong Gallipoli connection to participate.

Gallipoli-2015 is the only Anzac Centenary cruise endorsed by the Australian Geographic Society.

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