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Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Journeys at Chiva-Som

This summer, Chiva-Som proudly unveils Summer Journeys, an exclusive diary of different weekly programmes designed to explore various life challenges in intimate groups of no more than 15 people.

Topics covered include women's and men's health, the balanceof life, the mind, relationships, inspiration, creativity, culinary health, and beauty. Summer Journeys draw together a specially curated selection of the very best in treatment modalities, fitness activities, specialistspeakers and workshops to compliment the central theme.

Each Summer Journey is designed to draw together like-minded people with shared interests. Summer Journeys confirmed specialist speakers include Judith Horstman, an award winning journalist and author of several books on the brain and Dr. Gerald Lalande, founder of CEO Health as well as Chiva-Som favourites like Danchai Chernprateep Kamonwan (Nok) Khamching and Chef PaisarnCheewinsiriwat.
Summer Journeys begin on a fixed arrival date for a fixed program of 5 or 7 nights.

The Summer Journey's Calendar
June 2nd - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Posture Realignment - Posture, Aging Well and Emotion. A Life Changing Posture Improvement Program.

June 9th - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Next Generation: Parents with 16+ young adults. Sharing and Inspiring a Wellness Lifestyle in Young Adults.

June 16th - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Mind for Life: Learn Brain Healthy Lifestyle Habits for adding life to your years hosted by Master-In-Residence Judith Horstman author of 'Healthy Aging Brain.'
June 23rd - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Wellness, Wisdom and Purpose for Women. Female only program connecting wellness and life purpose.

July 9th - 5 Night Summer Journey: Healthy Culinary Journey: Chiva-Som Health Cooking
School Healthy Spa Cuisine, Thai and Chiva-Som Secrets with Chef Paisarn Cheewinsiriwat

July 14th - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Beauty Wisdom: an integrative East meets West approach to ancient beauty art, modern technology and make-up. Hosted by Dr. Niwat Polnikorn of Niranlada Aesthetic Medi Spa and facial acupuncturist Takeshi Kitagawa.

July 21st - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Inner Reflection: Spend Buddhist Lent in Thailand on a self-empowerment journey. Hosted by Master-In-Residence Danchai Chernprateep

July 28th - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Andropause Meet Menopause: Couples Hormones, Life stage and relationships

August 4th - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Creative Inspiration: Discover creativity, passion mapping and purpose with Kamonwan (Nok) Khamching

August 11th - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Thai Mothers & Daughters: In honor of HM the Queen's Birthday

August 21st - 5 Nights Summer Journey: Healthy Culinary Journey: Chiva-Som cooking school -
Healthy Spa Cuisine, Thai and Chiva-Som secrets with Chef Paisarn Cheewinsiriwat

August 25th - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Chiva-Som Summer Fitness Boot Camp 

September 1st - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Life Energy - an Energy Booster

September 8th - 5 Nights Summer Journey: Sustainability, Compassion and Wellness: A mindful programme of environmental, social and wellness activities for improving the self, the community and the planet. In celebration of Chiva-Som's 10 year celebration of commitment to the Preserve Hua Hin Foundation

September 15th - 7 Nights Summer Journey: Work Life Balance: Stress management, relaxation and a new perspective on life

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