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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Myanmar Travel Tips

With record numbers heading to Myanmar since the relaxation of international sanctions, Visa has developed a top tips guide to visiting and making the most of their stay in Asia's newest destination. However, Myanmar's limited infrastructure can pose challenges for even the most savvy of travelers—international mobile roaming services are patchy at best, and foreign currency that isn’t in perfect condition is often rejected. Myanmar isn’t yet the sort of place you can arrive at the airport, hop in a cab and hope you can figure things out on the go.

“In a cash-based economy like Myanmar, even frequent travelers may need to adjust some of their usual travel habits,” said Vipin Kalra, Visa Country Manager Australia. “These practical steps cover everything from hiring cars to obtaining local currency through ATMs, and are designed to ensure that travelers who want to get the most out of their journey are well prepared.”

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