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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Air India confirms Australian flights

source: Travel Daily

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Direct Air India flights from New Delhi effective 29 August

Air India has just confirmed the long-awaited and often-announced debut of its flights to Australia, with a planned 29 Aug launch of triangular services from New Delhi to Sydney and Melbourne.

Using the airline's new Boeing 787 aircraft, the service will operate Delhi-Sydney-Melbourne four days per week, and Delhi-Melbourne-Sydney on the other three days.

AI spokesperson Deepak Brara said the triangular arrangement would "give both cities the benefits of non-stop services".

Unlike previous announcements for Air India services to Australia, the carrier has commenced taking bookings for the route, giving a higher degree of probability that they will actually take off this time. 

Destination NSW said it will work with Air India to develop and deliver new marketing marketing campaigns to support the launch of the new services in Delhi.

More information in tomorrow's TravelDaily.

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