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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Packed in Hua Hin

Let's Sea - Hua Hin
Am at Hua Hin. I picked this area because I though it might have missed the uncontrolled development and frantic nightlife of other beachside areas. I was very, very wrong. My resort, Let's Sea, is squeezed between a number of other new developments. I really don't see the point in staying in resorts where you have to pull the curtains for privacy.

As well, I can't see the sea - will not even get there until tomorrow morn. And to think I thought I was heading for a newer, eco friendly version of say the Amari Vogue in Koh Samui. Let's hope that the legendary 6 km of beach somewhere close is as pristine as King Rama V1 found it. He loved this area so much he built his summer residence here. Not sure he would be overly impressed with what the local planning authority has approved recently!

This resort by the way is a cute little place for the younger set looking for value. My driver nearly turned back at the entrance - heavy rain had flooded the driveway so badly he was worried we would not make it. Plenty of development going on - but how about essentials like drainage? This is just one of the the dilemmas facing a tourist attraction fairly bursting at the seams.

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