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Monday, June 10, 2013

Taiwan introduces free Wi-Fi for all international visitors

Taiwan's international visitors can now connect to the Internet all over Taiwan completely free of charge.


The free Wi-Fi access follows a move by the Taiwan government together with regional government bodies to set up some 4,400 'iTaiwan' WiFi hotspots at major tourist spots, transportation hubs, cultural establishments, and government offices all over the island.


The Taiwan Tourism said the new service will considerably brighten Taiwan's already shining image for quality travel services.

Tourists entering the island can apply for an 'iTaiwan' account on arrival at Taoyuan International Airport at the  Taiwan Tourism Bureau service counter or at any visitor center throughout the island.


All they need is a passport and once their account is open, they can go online with their Internet-enabled smart phones, laptops, or tablet computers at any 'iTaiwan' hotspot anywhere on Taiwan. All they have to do is select the 'iTaiwan'  SSID and enter their account number and password.


This will give them access to tourist information as well as allowing them to contact anyone anywhere in the world.

In addition to the free 'iTaiwan' service, further roaming agreements have also been established to allow free access to 'TPE-Free' in Taipei City, New Taipei in New Taipei, iTaichung in Taichung, and Tainan-WiFi in Tainan.





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