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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New dates for Salalah Tourism Festival; will start in August this year

The Salalah Tourism Festival (STF) will start with the Eid festivities on the 10th of August this year. Beginning from the second day of Eid al Fitr, the official festival will continue over 26 days.

The dates have been extended almost by one-and-a-half months due to Ramadan, which is to start from 
Dhofar Waterfall
the 9th of July, today.

This was announced by Shaikh Salim bin Oufait al Shanfari, Chairman of Dhofar Municipality. He gave elaborate details of Dhofar Municipality’s preparedness for the STF-2013 and said all possible efforts were being made to make the festival a success. Al Shanfari said: “We have taken lessons from last season’s rush situation in Salalah and have worked in close co-ordination with all the departments to offer an entirely different experience to our guests from the neighbouring GCC and far off countries.”

RLB Wadi Darbaat On the road to Wadi DarbaatHe made special mention of ensuring fuel supply during the Eid holiday, which is coinciding with the festival, and said that committees had been formed to address the issue. “We have requested the petrol stations connecting Salalah from Muscat and other directions to raise their storage capacity and working in close co-ordination all the stakeholders to monitor all possible facilities throughout the festival,” he said.

Commenting on the availability of accommodation to meet visitors’ requirement during the Khareef season, the Dhofar Municipality chairman said: “Many new buildings have come up during the past one year. We have much more rooms in terms of villas and apartments and we are hopeful of managing the guest flow in a better way this year.” The festival this year will have many new elements, the details of which are likely to be announced in coming days. Though the official festival is starting late, tourists’ are likely to visit all through the season, while the maximum flow is expected during the Eid holiday.

The festival is very popular due to the rare geographical phenomenon of delicate drizzling, which begins in the last week of June and continues till September. From July till September the annual Road West Salalahsummer monsoon touches the Salalah mountain slopes and the coastal area with its delicate drizzling fog. During these three months nature awakens from its slumber and a tender green carpet of grass is decorated with flowers.

The whole of Salalah turns green during this time giving a rare feeling to the tourists, especially those who visit from the countries where the rains are a rare phenomenon. The festival attracts a large number of tourists from the neighbouring GCC countries as well as Europe. Over the years Salalah has earned a reputation of one of the best summer destinations in whole of the Middle East due to its cooler temps and lush landscape.

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