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Monday, September 30, 2013

Chinese Opera and Contemporary Art At The Peninsula Shanghai

A fascinating new range of Peninsula Academy tours are now available at The Peninsula Shanghai – showcasing highlights of the city’s culture, history and lifestyle.

Timeless Shanghai: A Heritage City Tour gives guests an insight into the city’s unique heritage in a modern 21st-century setting. The adventure begins with an authentic Shanghainese image008breakfast at The Peninsula’s Yi Long Court, followed by a visit by Rolls-Royce Phantom to a traditional Shanghai tea house. Guests will then be guided through the historic Wukang Road district, enjoy a private tour by the curator of the Propaganda Poster Art Museum and visit Hong Merchant to experience timeless Shanghai culture, interiors and art. Participants can also sample retro Shanghai chic with a tailor-made qipao or Chinese jacket created by a celebrated personal stylist and dressmaker.

Chinese contemporary art has taken the global art market by storm, with collectors snapping up works by established and emerging image009artists who deconstruct the cultural and societal complexities of today’s China. Art of the Century: 

An Introduction to Chinese Contemporary Art provides insights into the history and development of contemporary Chinese painting, sculpture and installation art. An experienced art expert will provide a private tour of The Peninsula Shanghai’s own art collection, and take guests into the heart of the city’s thriving arts scene to visit its most prestigious galleries and art museums.

Music, Colour and Facepaint: An Introduction to Chinese Opera allows guests to experience Chinese Opera from an insider’s perceptive, learning about its fabled history and the intricate stage production and musical processes. The half-day programme is conducted by celebrated Chinese Opera star Xu Jiali, who will take guests behind the scenes of this much-loved art form. Guests will also have the opportunity to dress up and be photographed in operatic stage costumes and traditional make-up.

Other programmes on offer at The Peninsula Shanghai include kite crafting or chocolate making classes for younger guests and a private tour of Shanghai Auto Museum.

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