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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Second Medical Clinic Opens in Bali, Thanks to Generous Tour Group - Fair Future Foundation Clinic Helps Balinese Gain Much Needed Treatments

Spirit Quest Tours and Life Soulutions are pleased to announce the opening of a second Fair Future Foundation medical clinic in Ubud, Bali, which will serve up to 500 underprivileged Balinese people a week.

The clinic was entirely funded by well-known speaker and author Mary Morrissey and her tour guests on a tour to Bali.

Opening day of the Clinic in Ubud, Bali.Fair Future Foundation was started by Swiss doctor Alex Wettstein, who came to Bali on a vacation and eventually relocated to the island to help the underserved Balinese. This clinic was his dream, and he was surprised and grateful that Life Soulutions was able to raise the money so quickly. “You have to know that your action will help more people to cure their diseases, their injuries, their problems, and help them overcome various disabilities as well, as the clinic will be partly staffed by young locals who have emotional disabilities and who are healing through training and working in a productive environment. So the clinic’s purpose is two-fold.”

Spirit Quest Tours created the Bali tour especially for Life Soulutions, but at first, the fund-raising was not a part of the trip. A chance meeting between the owners of the Las-Vegas-based tour operator and Fair Future Foundation’s Wettstein, where he explained his need for another clinic, was shared with Morrissey, who took the project on immediately. Speaking from her Simi Valley, CA home, Morrissey expressed her own gratitude. “We all felt very blessed in being given opportunity to support the good work Fair Future is doing under the leadership and vision of Alex Wettstein. We also felt very grateful to Spirit Quest Tours for their caring for the peoples of the country they take us to. Without them, we would not have been given this opportunity."

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