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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hotel Benchmark Reveals Bangkok as Best Value Major City

Sofitel So Bangkok
 JacTravel, the UK-based B2B wholesaler best known for its extensive range of hotels online and inbound travel services, today released its Benchmark wholesale rates for January and February 2014 for seven of the world’s top cities, revealing that Bangkok offers the best value at that time of year, with the Benchmark wholesale rate of US$38 /room/night (pr/pn) for a double room in a 3* hotel, US$138 /pr/pn for a double room in a 4* star hotel and US$174 pr/pn for a double room in a 5* star hotel.

Compared with the most expensive major city, New York, Bangkok was 52% less in the 5* category, 25% less in the 4* category and 77% less in the 3* category. In addition breakfast is included as standard.

JacTravel’s Benchmark rates are set by a team of experienced hotel buyers each of whom specialises in contracting hotel accommodation in a given city, typically inspecting and negotiating with hundreds of hotels a year. The Benchmark rate is the wholesale rate for a standard double room, including breakfast, in a good value, well located, hotel typical of the category.

JacTravel’s President and Chief Commercial Officer, Mario Bodini commented: “We have seen relatively lower hotel rates in Bangkok for many years but this should not be taken as an indication of quality; it’s more likely a reflection of the relative strength of Thailand’s economy. Bangkok is a city that really gets tourism and it is famed the world over for its tremendous culture of service and hospitality, with good reason. What you’re seeing here are lower rates and outstanding value for money.”

Malcolm Lindop, JacTravel’s Head of Contracting says: “It’s certainly possible to find hotels at lower rates than the Benchmark, for example where a hotel is in a less central location, where availability is unlimited, or where we have secured seasonal promotions, but it is a very useful reference point. Of course, higher rates may be expected at deluxe, landmark and iconic properties.”

In Paris, there are very few hotels with an official rating of 5* because this attracts increased levels of taxation. Therefore, JacTravel’s Benchmark rates in Paris for the 5* category refer to hotels of 5* quality, although they carry an official 4* rating.

Benchmark wholesale rates for each star category are shown in the table below, in US$ (using prevailing exchange rates).

5 star
4 star
3 star
Hong Kong (RO)
New York (RO)
RO – denotes rates are typically without breakfast

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