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Monday, November 4, 2013

Australians travellers will pay up to $100 for extra legroom says Skyscanner

Leading flight comparison site Skyscanner has revealed Aussie travellers would pay extra for more leg room on board with the majority of passengers willing to fork out up to $10 for the luxury.

In the survey, respondents were asked what items they would pay for in-flight with extra leg room coming in first. In fact, 5% of those surveyed said they would pay up to an additional $100 to have some space at their feet.

Paying extra for food and drink came in second place and third place with most Aussies valuing a good plane meal at $10. Others said they would spend a bit more money to sit in a two-person row of seats as opposed to the uncomfortable three or four person rows.

Surprisingly, in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi came further down the list with 20% of flyers saying they would pay no more than $5 for a movie and 17% saying the same about Wi-Fi on board.

When it came to who would spend more on board, it was revealed that women would spend the most paying more for food, drink and movies. Men aren’t the big spenders preferring to spend their extra dollars on games and live TV.

Skyscanner Market Development Manager for Australia, Dave Boyte said:

“It was surprising to see that Aussies would rather be comfortable than be entertained, spending more money on the simple things like leg room and food rather than forking out extra cash on movies, games and Wi-Fi.”

Traveloscopy editor notes: no disclosure is made about the source or method behind this data. Read at your own risk.
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