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Monday, November 4, 2013

Most popular overseas destinations for Australians in 2013

 source: Skyscanner Australia

Traveloscopy editor offers the following caveat: - Skyscanner call themselves the fastest growing travel search site worldwide (and #1 travel search website in Europe) but say very little about how they gathered this data. Upon digging at their news site, it is revealed occasionally: "Skyscanner polled over 1,000 travellers via OnePoll". Where these travellers were located in the world, how old they were or their socio-economic status is not known or disclosed.

1. United Kingdon
2. United States
3. Thailand
4. Indonesia (read: Bali)
5. New Zealand
6. Singapore
7. Malaysia
8. Ireland
9. Japan
10. China

Trivia: 74% of women surveyed claim to be more active than their partner when planning a holiday

Fastest Growing outbound destinations

1. Ireland
2. Myanmar
3. Philippines
4. Singapore
5. South Korea
6. Sri Lanka
7. China
8. Qatar
9. Ukraine
10. Japan

Trivia: 14% of 1000 dog owners surveyed actually sent their pooch a postcard.
*Skyscanner surveyed over 1000 dog owners through its website and via OnePoll

Most popular winter destinations

1. United Kingdom
2. USA
3. New Zealand
4. Thialand
5. Ireland
6. Japan
7. Indonesia
8. Singapore
9. Malaysia
10. India

Trivia: Aussies have over $100 each of leftover foreign coins at home

Arrivals: Who's coming to Australia

1. Brits
2. Italians
3. Kiwis
4. Irish
5. Germans
6. Americans
7. Singaporeans
8. Russians
9. Dutch
10. French

Trivia: 36% of those polled said 'yes', they would pay extra for onboard WiFi

Where do people get their travel inspiration from?

(nothing said about age range, geographic distribution or other demographic criteria)

30% - Social media
17% - travel company sites
14% - TV programs
12% - travel brochures
9% - tourist board sites
4% - other

(Suspicion: no mention made of travel media such as newspapers or magazines. That's a big hole.)

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