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Friday, February 14, 2014

Aussies Rate Household Chores as Top Weekend Spoiler

New Toga Hotel’s research uncovers top reasons Aussies aren’t enjoying their weekends

Although 91% of Australians look forward to their weekends, they admit the burden of household chores is one of the top three barriers to enjoying their free time, according to new research from Toga Hotels.

More than 1 in 5 (23%) Aussies reveal household chores are getting in the way of taking a short break or getaway on the weekends, with 43% of Australians saying they spend their weekends catching up on mundane household tasks like cleaning the house, ironing and washing.

The obligation of performing household tasks is followed by finances and family commitments when it comes to top weekend spoilers.

Parents made up a third (32%) of those who selected household commitments as one of the top three weekend spoilers, with 56% being female compared to 49% of males.

Emma Fraser, Group Director of Marketing at Toga Hotels says the company‘s new research underlines the need for Aussies to take back their weekends!

“We know Aussies look forward to their weekends, but our research shows that by the time it comes around many allow household tasks to get in the way of enjoying their precious time off.

We want to encourage the return of the ‘Great Aussie Weekend‘ – a time when everyone gives themself permission to switch off and say goodbye to never-ending to do lists.”

Toga Hotels will be launching a new campaign next month to inspire more Aussies and Kiwis to getaway and enjoy their weekends.

“Toga Hotels are the Ambassadors of Great Weekends, get out there and explore Australia with family and friends and have fun,” she said.

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