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Friday, February 28, 2014

Paradise Found: Natural Splendor in Saxon Switzerland

Nothing spells excitement quite like city lights, but sometimes you need to escape the metropolitan hustle and bustle for more natural pastures.

Where to spend your next journey? Saxon Switzerland National Park has your name written all over it, and the travel experts at HiVino are here to give you the inside scoop.
Mother Nature’s Masterpieceunnamed (18)
Take it from HiVino’s network of in-the-know travelers: This magnificent area is one of Germany’s best-kept secrets. Nature lovers flock to its mountainous terrain, relaxation seekers bask in the region’s hideaway vibe, and honeymooners revel in the romantic vistas. From soaring peaks and rocky canyons to gorge forests and river valleys, the landscapes here create a stunning interplay that dazzles every visitor who gets the chance to experience it.
What’s more, Saxon Switzerland National Park is home to one particularly marvelous spectacle: the Bastei. Soaring above the Elbe River, this rock formation is famous for its volcanic cones and sprawling mesas, and its craggy peaks hint at the planet’s geological past. It’s truly one of Europe’s last untouched wonders.
Did Someone Say Adventure?
Of course, there’s more to Saxon Switzerland than its never-ending cascade of panoramic views. If adventure is up your alley, you’ll find plenty of activities designed to get that adrenaline pumping. Start with a trek through one of the 755 climbing summits, spend an afternoon blazing along the biking trails, or hop aboard the paddle steamers for a cruise down the Elbe.
Want to combine outdoor excitement with a jaunt through history? Set aside some time to explore the Basteibrucke. This sandstone bridge leads directly to the 14th-century fortress of Neurathen, and it’s among the best spots to sneak a peek at the Elbasandsteine.
Uncover the Beauty
Whether you’re ready to unwind or craving a few thrills, the insider’s community at HiVino has the perfect recommendations for you. Plan a getaway to Saxon Switzerland, and you’ll be well on your way to experiencing a natural paradise that feels miles away from the daily grind. allows travelers to venture off the beaten path to experience unique destinations in Germany.  The community created the most exciting and useful database of hidden gems. The database features complete travel information, including distances from major cities, airports, and tourist hubs.
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