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Friday, March 21, 2014

EL AL Upgrading Business Class and First Class Seats on 747-400 Jumbo Aircraft

“The upgrade of the premium class seats on our wide-body aircraft is part of our ongoing strategy of upgrading the EL AL product and passenger experience.

After purchasing our 8 new 737-900ER planes, we embarked on a process to fully renew the Business Class and First Class seats on the 747-400 aircraft. We continue to work on providing the best product and the most advanced service for our customers.”
As of the summer 2014 timetable, EL AL's Business Class passengers will enjoy upgraded, pampering 'bed-like' seats on four 747-400 aircraft on the route
to/from New York (JFK).

In addition, EL AL is renewing the First Class seats on its 747-400 fleet and offering customers an intimate, prestigious and redesigned cabin.
EL AL Israel Airlines is the only airline offering First Class on non-stop flights to/from North America.
Upgrading Premium Classes on the 747-400 Fleet
Aircraft Interior, Seats and Cabin Appearance:
Interior of Aircraft: The interior of the premium classes on the 744 fleet have been redesigned.
Business Class: EL AL has renovated its seats to 'bed-like' and is offering more space between rows. Business Class on the upgraded aircraft offers 47 seats, instead of 49, with 20 seats on the upper deck and 27 on the main deck.
Business Class Seats:
  • Electrically operated seats
  • Expanded Pitch: 193 – 196 cm
  • Seat Width: 50.8 cm
  • 'Bed-Like' Seat
  • Operational Features: sitting and resting positions, leg support, ergonomic support
    First Class: Passengers will enjoy a more intimate and prestigious cabin that ensures their privacy.  The cabin includes 8 First Class seats instead of 12.
First Class Seats: 
  • Electrically operated seats providing  ergonomic support
  • Pitch: 2 meter
  • Seat Width: 53.3 cm
  • Flatbed seat
As part of the process, EL AL cooperated with Hollandia, a recognized expert in precision engineered sleep systems, to offer a unique mattress which was designed specifically for the comfort of First Class passengers.  The mattress is made with Tempur, a special advanced material used by NASA for upholstering seats on its spaceships. The material is known to be soft and pliable, providing the right support for the body. The mattress is covered with a soft and pleasing to the touch Aloe Vera finish for a coddling experience. 

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