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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Now you can DART to Dallas and beyond


The success of US Travel's renewed marketing campaigns is paying dividends for the nation's tourism businesses, but the stress on arriving passengers still needs some addressing.

Good new from Dallas is that come October 2014, an archaic law will be lifted that had prohibited Dallas's second airport from serving more than a few neighbouring states.

The Wright Amendment, which prohibited Love Field by federal law from expanding and providing direct flights outside of four adjoining states (Alabama, Mississippi and Kansas and Missouri were later added) for over 26 years is due for repeal. With this law lifting on October 14, 2014, Love Field and Southwest airlines will begin offering nonstop flights to a host of additional cities outside of the previous limitations.

DFW Airport Station
In tandem with the lifting of the ban, a comprehensive modernisation program will lift Love Field to a premier airport status. This includes an upgrading of the DART light rail system which offers, among numerous other benefits, a direct service to Terminal A at DFW (International) Airport.

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) will open its Orange Line extension to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on August 18. The DFW Airport Station will be located in Terminal A. Passengers can reach the other terminals by using the green Terminal Link outside of the secure area or by using the SkyLink tram inside the secure area

For further information on the airport and more Dallas attractions, see
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