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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The North Coast of NSW, a Leader in Accessible Tourism

“The North Coast of NSW is set to become one of the most accessible tourism regions for people with 
disabilities and special requirements,” North Coast Destination Network Executive Officer, Ms Belinda Novicky announced.

“Byron Shire IT specialist turned accessible tourism advocate, Melissa James, has launched a website dedicated to people with disabilities and special requirements and the North Coast Destination Network will support her to establish and grow it throughout our region,” said Ms Novicky.
While is not the first site in Australia to cater to this section of the population, founder Melissa James said it would be the most comprehensive.
“CanGo provides a single portal to give access to, and information on, service providers who cater to people with disabilities, the elderly, and anyone with special requirements like parents with prams, people recovering from surgery, and anyone who has accessibility issues,” she said.
Research shows that out of the 1 in 5 people who have a disability in Australia, 90% holiday each year. “That equals to 8.2 million overnight trips every year,” Ms James said.
With CanGo, you simply type in where you would like to go and the site will provide you with a list of places to stay, eat and be entertained,” Ms James said.
“It will also provide information such as the closest place to hire medical equipment like wheelchairs or oxygen tanks, connect with community groups, and access service providers like GP's and therapists.”
“As well as a social responsibility, there is a compelling business case for getting involved and making Australia's accessible tourism industry more available to those it is there to serve,” Ms James said.
CanGoEverywhere will establish its credentials along the North Coast and we share their confidence for expansion state-wide and nationally,” said Ms Novicky.
“The North Coast Destination Network will support CanGoEverywhere with introductions to key tourism partners and joint promotions so as many people as possible can freely visit our region and enjoy the many experiences it has to offer.”
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