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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Boycott of Brunei-owned Dorchester Collection

The following statement has been issued by would like to announce that going forward we will be boycotting the Brunei owned luxury hotel chain Dorchester Collection.

This decision has been made after the countries law was changed as of last Thursday, (01st May ‘14), to phase in increasing the sentence for homosexuality from a maximum ten year prison sentence to death by stoning.

45 Park Lane, London, is one of the high-profile Dorchester properties subject to the boycott.
Since the announcement on the May 1, many celebrities have called for a boycott including Stephen Fry, Sharon Osbourne and Ellen DeGeneres.

On Sunday Virgin owner Richard Branson announced a Virgin-wide boycott of the chain and are proud to work in an industry that places the morals of an issue like this over profit.

This law was barbaric fifteen hundred years ago and nothing has changed to make it any less so today.

Seamus Conlon, managing director of, added:

“Nothing brings people together more than travel. This is one of the core philosophies of our business and something like this is anathema to that principal. As soon as we heard this news there was only ever one course of action we could take.

Any guests asking to book one of these hotels will be politely told why we are unable to fulfil their request and offered a suitable alternative.

You can read more about our boycott of the Dorchester hotel chain here.

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