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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Koala Joey's First Peek at the World

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Koala breeding season is now in full swing at Featherdale and the first little joey peeking out of her mother, Rose's pouch for the first time. Located in the Koala breeding habitat, visitors are welcome to see our new arrival when they visit the park.

Each year, the Park breeds between 6-10 Joeys and in its 40 years of operation, Featherdale has successfully bred over 200 Koalas. Once Joeys reach maturity, they will form part of Featherdale's captive population or, be sent to other wildlife parks or zoos throughout the country to become part of their own breeding programs.

Featherdale currently houses one of Australia's largest private collections of Koalas and provides daily free encounters where visitors are invited to get right up close and interact with these beautiful animals. These days, it is often unusual to see a Koala in the wild which makes these encounters a truly memorable experience.

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