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Thursday, June 12, 2014


MTA – Mobile Travel Agents is now a fully fledged member of ATAS, in the process becoming the first national and exclusively 'home-based' network to be accredited with the scheme.


Breaking the news today, MTA co-managing director Roy Merricks said he was delighted the company's application for ATAS accreditation has been successful.


"We stand, and have always stood, in full support of AFTA's efforts to elevate and propel travel forward into the modern global economy," Mr Merricks said. 


"As the end of the TCF era on 30 June draws closer the last thing needed is confusion and MTA is fully aware of the detractors to the scheme in its current format,


"However, and thankfully, these remain a minority, albeit a vocal one," he said.


Mr Merricks also addressed what he described as a"misapprehension" around ATAS being a replacement for the TCF. 


"ATAS is an accreditation scheme while the TCF was a compensation scheme and MTA has proudly joined ATAS because we see it as providing the industry, and for that matter all travel agents who choose to join, with a sound professional industry body endorsement of their business standards and ethics. 


"While a solvency test is part of the criteria, I don't believe there has ever been any suggestion that ATAS will compensate clients if a travel agency becomes insolvent. 


"As was stated by the State Ministers during the long process to this point, ATAS membership and insurance matters should be commercial decisions for individual businesses.


"Unlike the absent support for mandatory Travel Agent Intermediary Failure Insurance (TAIFI), in our opinion ATAS is the representative body worthy of industry support and we encourage a continued show of solidarity in membership numbers."




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