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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Towers Of Foosball Fun In The Rocks

14412300601_bc6fab93dd_mFootball enthusiasts won’t have to go  to Brazil to be part of the 2014 World Cup – they can recreate the vibe right here in The Rocks by playing foosball on unique tables housed in six giant timber towers.

The popular tabletop game of soccer will be part of Arena Calcetto, a unique and live installation in The Rocks throughout June, July and August this year. Each timber tower is up to 10 metres high and hides a different foosball table with custom-made players, just waiting for action when the World Cup kicks off on in June! 

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) CEO, Catherine Gallagher, says The Rocks is the perfect backdrop for Arena Calcetto which loosely means arena for ‘little football’. Arena Calcetto’s towers are derived from traditional Venetian sailing boats and reflect The Rocks’ harbour setting. 

“With its laneways and historic buildings, The Rocks is a great setting for Arena Calcetto‘sextraordinary timber towers and their hidden foosball tables,” said Ms Gallagher.

“This fantastic installation will transform observers into contestants as they discover the custom-made tables hidden within the sculptures.

“Every one of the 132 foosball players is individually handcrafted and designed to appeal to young and old alike!

Arena Calcetto will draw visitors and locals alike and encourage people to meet and interact with each other through a lively and highly competitive 14414499394_c2d88c1dd9_mgame.”

The result of collaboration between more than 100 international designers from 10 countries, Arena Calcetto creates a public space for people to meet, compete and play in a remarkable location. It is the brainchild of Sydney collective Archrival, a non-profit organisation which facilitates lively independent architectural works made by the Australian design community.

Ms Gallagher said SHFA was proud to be associated with an up and coming team of architects, designers and creators who specialise in innovative projects.

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is responsible for historically significant foreshore land and is responsible for driving 14million visitors annually into The Rocks with an average spend $91 per head. SHFA contributes $1.2billion dollars (direct gross value added) to NSW tourism. This represents 11.5% of the total NSW tourism GVA. This includes $162.3 million in direct economic contribution from precinct events

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