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Thursday, August 21, 2014

X-Factor Winner Dami Im Designated as Hon. Tourism Ambassador for Korea

Dami Im, the hugely popular winner of The X Factor 2013 series has been designated as the Honorary Tourism Ambassador for Korea in Australia at a special event in Sydney last night hosted by Korea Tourism Organization.

The Director of Korea Tourism Organization Sydney office Mr. Sang Weon Je was delighted to appoint Dami in her new role to assist in the promotion of Korean tourism in Australia. At the same time it is hoped that Dami will have the opportunity to be sponsored to Korea in the future and raise her profile in the region and beyond.

Upon the designation of Dami Im, Director Sang Weon Je of Korea Tourism Organization said "Dami Im's rise to fame began with winning the The X Factor final last year. Since then she has become a symbol of hope for many young people in Australia and is currently enjoying the success of her latest single 'Gladiator' .

He added "We think that Dami's background as a Korean Australian and her great love of her birth country, as well as her huge fan base and connection to many Australians through her music will make her the perfect tourism ambassador for Korea in Australia."

Dami has continued to succeed following her success on The X-Factor. Her debut single 'Alive' released immediately following her win on The X-Factor went straight to the top of the ARIA charts. Dami's new single 'Gladiator' entered the top ten on the iTunes chart within five days of its release, following on from the success of her recent single 'Super Love' which has now achieved Platinum sales in Australia.

Dami Im's music industry success and popularity with the Australian public has given her many opportunities over the last year and it is expected that her role as Hon. Tourism Ambassador for Korea may further increase her opportunities to spread her music at the same time as encouraging many Australians to travel to Korea.

This month Korea has launched its new worldwide brand 'Imagine your Korea' which places emphasis on all the exciting things you can enjoy in Korea - 5,000 years of history and culture, festivals and events, Korean cuisine and the energy of Korea's youth - the K-Pop scene and fashion sense.

12 million tourists visited Korea last year and interest in the country has never been greater by Australians. Last year 123,500 Australians travelled to the country, and now more than ever there has been increased interest in Korea from all areas this year - conference groups, journalists and TV production teams wanting to film in Korea as well as renewed interest from the Australian public.

It is hoped that Dami Im's Honorary Tourism Ambassador role on behalf of Korea will encourage more and more of the Australian travelling public to visit Korea in the near future.

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