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Monday, September 29, 2014

New hiking trails in Swaziland

After the successful introduction of the Lubombo Eco-Trails, three new community hiking routes have been opened to the public in Swaziland.

They begin in the picturesque location of Maguga Lodge in the heart of the HhohhoRegion, and give visitors the chance to absorb the stunningly unique landscape and culture of Swaziland.

The first hike explores the Gap and Swazi Culture, introducing hikers to the traditional culture of Swazi life, an interpretation of Swaziland’s oldest rock art and a visual spectacle of rock and river formation.  

Carrying on from Maguga Lodge the trail continues to an authentic Swazi homestead before following the Komati River through dense riverine beneath a canopy of wild fig trees. The tour then continues towards the world renowned Nsangwini Rock Art. Dating back 4000 years, Nsangwini contains the most diverse subject matter than any rock art found since. Here, the trail follows the Komati river once more, over the suspension bridge to Esicancweni: the Gap, where the river plunges down a meter width channel and disappears. The area is quite truly an amazing spectacle of potholes, rock sculptures and channels carved out by millions of years of water flow, a testament to the power of nature.  Read more here.

If you’re interest lies predominantly in the Nsangwini Rock Art, the second hike available is more specific to this natural marvel. Starting with a gentle hike through the luscious growth of the Komati Valley, the hike increases to a steep incline as you get to the mouth of the cave. To this day, the paintings are still remarkably clear. Guests will be met by members of the Nsangwini community who provide informative interpretations of the art. This stunning area gives opportunity to truly step back in time, when wild creatures roamed a land unfetted by power lines, roads, dams and the trappings of modern living; a land where people competed with nature to survive. Nsangwini Rock is a great example of one of the places these people recorded their experiences, visions and dreams, all perfectly preserved by the surrounding Makhonjwa Mountains.

If you are more interested rock formation and amazing spectacles of the Gap, the third hike take you directly there, missing out the culture.

All bookings are made through Maguga Lodge with rates include a light lunch at the Lodge itself, with profits from the trails being invested straight back into the Swazi Community. Both trails offer visitors the chance to truly immerse themselves in all the wonderfully unique and breath-taking landscape and culture only seen in Swaziland.

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