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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Vacations & Travel Magazine sold to Morris Media Network

Australia's largest travel-specialist publisher launches

Morris Media Network [a1] acquires Vacations & Travel magazine, [a2] establishes regional office in Sydney

At a time when local publishing houses are facing an uncertain future with dwindling audiences and advertising revenue, a US-based, mid-tier print and digital publishing house, Morris Media Network [a3] has established a presence in Sydney to create Australia's largest travel-specialist newstand, custom and guide book publisher.

As part of a global expansion into Australasia and the Asia Pacific region, MMN[a4] has acquired Vacations and Travel Magazine, a quarterly travel publication established 31 years ago, previously[a5] owned and edited by Anthony Gallagher, of Global Publishing Pty Ltd.

To be known locally as Morris Media Network Australia (MMNA), the company has also purchased the license of[a6] Where publications – Where Sydney, Where Melbourne and Where Brisbane – from Tony Hutton's Carrington Publishing.

As part of the deals, Anthony Gallagher has been appointed General Manager of MMNA, which will take over Carrington Publishing's operations. Tony Hutton will be a director of the new entity.

“Vacations and Travel Magazine fits into the cycle of content that MMN specializes [a7] in – their strategy is to engage people both online and offline at every stage of their travel decision and journey,” Anthony said.

“They believed Vacations and Travel Magazine married aspirational with practical content and sold the dream that made people want to travel,” he said.

One of MMN'[a8] s first steps will be to progress the development of Vacations and Travel titles for other parts of the world. This includes creation of a US version with an intended initial print run of 400,000.

“MMNA’s[a9] intention is to build Vacations and Travel Magazine into an internationally branded mainstream print and online publication,” Anthony said.

“This will open up the magazine to new readers and create new value for advertising partners.”

Morris Media Network [a10] serves 11 international markets with digital and print media, including 12 daily newspapers, 30 non-daily publications and 150 other printed products including magazines and specialty publications. Its cornerstone travel title is Where which, after 76 years, is available in print, web, mobile and tablet versions. In addition to its Australian publications, Where's many titles include local versions for Washington, London, Singapore, St Petersburg, Rome, Milan and Budapest.

MMN[a11] has commenced operations in Sydney after finalising agreements last week. In addition to Vacations and Where, MMCA will also conduct custom and guide book publishing from its Sydney premises.

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