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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Outback NSW by Apollo Motorhome - Part 2

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Award winning Shear Outback in Hay, NSW
You'd have to be asleep at the wheel to miss the massive Shear Outback shed right on Hay's massive roundabout.

Some might head across the often dry river into town for a coffee or snack, or just pull into the service station, fill up and [head] off. But either way, the big Shearers' Hall of Fame is a sight few will miss. It's strategic location at the roundabout manages to pull many off their respective East-West journey and it's a very minor detour I would encourage anyone to make. Plus, there's great coffee and light meals and free WiFi.

Opened in 2002, the $4 million project was a joint effort between local businesses, individuals and the Commonwealth Government and went on to win several State and National Architecture Awards for the architect, Paul Berkemeier.

Anyone who has already seen the Stockman's Hall of Fame in Queensland, will immediately see the similarity, only here we are dealing with the famous shearers from all over the country. Displays include machinery of all descriptions, various types of shears and the life and times of famous individuals in the outback.

Billy Garner shearing a very compliant merino ewe.
Time it right, as we did, and you can see Billy Garner shear a big fluffy merino down in the old shed just like he did for 20 years before 'retiring' to a full time job running the working museum.

The historic Murray Downs Woolshed (R Eime)
The 100 year old shed, built of red gum, oregon and corrugated iron has its own story, moved piece-by-piece from down Swan Hill way, it now houses Billy's working demonstrations.

It's a great break in any road journey, especially for restless kids and Billy will answer all the questions you've been dying to ask about sheep and shearers like:

Did you know Australian sheep are the hardest sheep in the world to shear and the woolliest ones can yield up to 16kg in a single fleece, whereas most sheep in the world can manage barely 3kg. That's why Australia's economy once rode on the sheep's back!

For all your other questions like opening hours etc, see

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