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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A New Harbour for Pitcairn Island in 2015

Pitcairn Islands Tourism will receive a boost in 2015 with the completion of a new harbour.

Landing on remote Pitcairn Island is often an adventure in itself. Pitcairn Islanders have for years honed their seamanship skills riding the waves through the reef into Bounty Bay. Steering the islands two longboats into the Pitcairn's only harbour is a memorable and at times hair-raising experience.

New Access Road - Pitcairn Islands Western Harbour
Copyright: Pitcairn Islands Tourism

But this is about to change. With the assistance of the European Union (EU), a new alternate landing area is being built on the more protected western side of the island known as Tedside. This is great news for the islands fledgling tourism industry. Pitcairn's Travel Coordinator, Heather Menzies, says “Around 12 cruise ships per year call past Pitcairn. Many of the larger liners cruise off shore and islanders sell their souvenirs at market stalls set up on board. With the development of the new harbour many more passengers will be able to come ashore and enjoy the treasures our special island has to offer. We are hoping this will encourage more cruise companies to call at Pitcairn”.

The project is a major effort for Pitcairn's small workforce and with a new road, landing area and other facilities all being built the harbour is due to become operational late in 2015.

“Visiting Pitcairn, with our warm and hospitable people, living history from the Bounty mutiny in 1789 through to being surrounded by an endless horizon of pristine waters, is a truly unique and unforgettable experience”, says Menzies. “The new harbour development provides improved access to the island and we look forward to welcoming more visitors to Pitcairn.

Full details about travelling to Pitcairn Island and current shipping schedules are available on the Pitcairn islands Tourism website or contact Tropics Marketing toll-free on 1300 713 132 and
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