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Friday, January 23, 2015

Even Bigger Travel Massive for 2015

The new Travel Massive has officially opened! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new community and events platform which is now available to the thousands of Travel Massive members around the world. Please visit to explore and join our growing online community.

We are also excited to announce our new mission and public plan, published on, and additions to our global team. Travel Massive can also announce a private investment from Stephan Ekbergh, the founder of Africa's OTA (Online Travel Agency) TravelStart which will be used to help fund the organization's growth in 2015.

For media enquiries please contact Ian Cumming (Founder) –

About Travel Massive

Since it's beginnings in Sydney a few years ago, Travel Massive has grown to be one of the largest travel industry communities connecting travel insiders across the world in 70 cities in 35 countries. Travel Massive connects travel brands, travel startups, and travel bloggers at free networking events to discover, connect and learn more about the travel industry. (Read more about us on our media page).

A Mission To Change Travel

As Travel Massive has grown, we've always been thinking about what brings people together in our community and the impact that they are making. So we've given ourselves a mission with a purpose:

Travel Massive's Mission is to unearth and connect travel insiders in every city in the world in order to empower change in travel.

We've launched a public plan, called the Travel Massive Manifesto, which outlines our mission, values, and initiatives. The document is published over on

As part of our mission, we've put together a global team of advisors, ambassadors and a global council to help Travel Massive ensure we deliver the most benefits to the travel industry.

A New Community Platform

Our new community platform was developed to allow our members to connect more easily and to provide a centralized place for profilesand events. We've also added company profiles which allow our members to list their travel brands, startups, and organizations.

At the start of the year we “soft launched” the platform to our chapter leaders and supporters, and the feedback has been great. We are now happy to announce the platform as open for all members of our community to join. Over the coming months we'll be enhancing the platform and adding new features to it. We also plan on integrating a number of our new initiatives on the new platform.

We've also released our platform as an open-source project so other event-based communities with social causes can make use of it. For more information please visit the Massive Platform project page.

A New Team for Travel Massive

As Travel Massive has grown, so have our needs for more resources. We're very excited to announce additions to our Global Team. First, we'd like to welcome Cristina Cantarelli who has come on board as Assistant Community Manager to work with our Community Manager Erika Helstrom. We're also welcoming Anula Galewska in Berlin as our European Team Leader. And we are very happy to announce that Simon Lewis has joined us in a role to assist with our Global Partnerships program. Finally, we are very excited to announce the appointment of Stephan Ekbergh, Founder of African OTA (Online Travel Agency) TravelStart, as both a Board Director and a personal investor in Travel Massive.

Special Thanks from Ian Cumming, our Founder

I'd especially like to thank all of our Chapter Leaders, members, partners and sponsors for contributing to Travel Massive over the years and believing in our mission. Thank you. With your help we've created the world's largest community for the travel industry, based on the principles of being free and open. Together our community can enable purposeful change in travel around the world to make travel more inspiring, meaningful, and better for the world! See you soon – Ian.
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