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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mobility Challenged travellers insurance cover


Travelling overseas for people with mobility impairments has just become much more accessible following the release of a new specialised mobility insurance product which offers both domestic and overseas cover.

A 'Blue Badge Mobility Scooter Safety and Insurance Survey'[1] conducted by Blue Badge Insurance ( which has just launched in Australia, has revealed that almost one fifth of people who use mobility scooters in Australia take their device interstate or overseas.

The survey also revealed 25 per cent of users had been involved in an accident at some point and 38 per cent had experienced a near miss at least once a year.

With the numbers of people using mobility scooters on the rise, safety of the users both at home and while travelling has become increasingly important - until now there has not been a comprehensive insurance product available.

Yet despite these concerning figures, very few mobility scooter owners are comprehensively insured, according to Blue Badge Insurance CEO, Nikolas Witcombe.

"45 per cent of current mobility scooter users in this country are not insured at all and as much as 46 per cent of those who believed they are covered by their home and contents insurance, could in fact be underinsured.

"Some home and contents policies cover a mobility scooter while it's at home, but not necessarily once they leave the house," Witcombe said.

"Our product safeguards users against the costs associated with mobility scooter accidents and mishaps both in Australia and overseas[2]" continues Witcombe.

"Mobility scooters have transformed the lives of many elderly and less able.  In a society where mobility is key to independence and freedom, mobility scooters mean those who would otherwise be housebound and isolated from society, can now get around and even travel abroad without having to rely on anyone to get them there.

"For peace of mind, we would urge all mobility scooter users to check they are comprehensively covered," adds Mr Witcombe.

The survey comes as the number of mobility scooters on our footpaths climbs rapidly, driven by Australia's ageing population.  There are currently 120,000 mobility scooter users Australia-wide with numbers growing at around 9 per cent annually and expected to reach 280,000 within 10 years.

Image courtesy of Aussie Scooters


An annual comprehensive insurance policy premium, which includes Blue Badge Community membership, is available from $185 for mobility scooters valued up to $10,000. The excess for Accidental Loss and Damage is $100 and $250 for Liability. It offers a 21 day cooling off period, with a money back guarantee. The product is 100% underwritten by certain Underwriters at Lloyd's (Blue Badge Insurance is a Coverholder at Lloyd's).

About Blue Badge Insurance

Blue Badge Insurance is Australia's first mobility insurance specialist that caters to the unique needs of people with disability and limited mobility.  It provides customers with peace of mind through specialised and comprehensive insurance options.

Its products are designed to keep mobility equipment users mobile in the event of an accident or loss of their device.  Like any insurance policy, Blue Badge Insurance offers peace of mind for owners and their families, with the knowledge they are covered.

As a specialist insurer, Blue Badge Insurance understands the needs of people with disability and/or limited mobility, which cannot be said for all insurance companies.

More at or phone 1300 304 802.

[1] The Blue Badge Mobility Scooter Safety and Insurance Survey questioned 201 current Australian mobility scooter users in NSW, VIC and WA and was conducted from January-March 2014.

[2] International insurance is valid for 21 days and does not cover third party injury the US or Canada.



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