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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Our favourite travel blogs for 2015 - these should be yours for 2016

Those who know me are well aware that I have a 'thing' about blogs and bloggers. With so much online dross out there, it's sometimes difficult to tell the wheat from the chaff; content for content's sake, laced with cliches, buzz phrases and plain crappy writing. It's no coincidence then that my favourite blogs are those written by professional writers with a command of what is engaging, original, entertaining and well written. Here, in no particular order, are those which in my completely subjective opinion rate as among the best blogs online.

Lee Mylne - her glass is half full
A Glass Half Full - Lee Mylne

Lee Mylne brings a lifelong career as one of Australia's top travel journalists to this blog - and it shows.

There's fun stuff like travel wardrobe suggestions, festivals and food and drink frolics interspersed with tough subjects like environmental issues, refugee reflections and incisive personal observations.

If only all blogs were like this.

Christine Retschlag - praying for ... something
The Global Goddess - Christine Retschlag

Another writer who knows her way around travel, life and love, Christine injects her own brand of cheekiness and self-effacing humour into a blog that isn't afraid to cross the line occasionally (okay, often) into the naughty and touchy subjects of relationships (or lack thereof) and pure self-indulgence.

She refuses to take herself and her job too seriously and delivers an image-rich, saucy and sassy take on the rigours of travel and the seemingly endless search for romance.

Emma Gardiner - tackling the big issues ;)
She Goes - Emma Gardiner

What is it about female writers and bloggers? Another professional not afraid of hard work, Emma's personal blog infuses her distinct style and turn-of-phrase with laugh-out-loud observations and personal anecdotes from both her travels and daily life.

So much so that her alter ego, Aunty Em, has become a sage-like font of wisdom for those seeking advice on navigating the rocky shoals of life and love. Join her for a rollicking, frolicking blog of a time.

Raise a glass with Winsor Dobbin
Gourmet on the Road - Winsor Dobbin

Never afraid to call a spade a spade, career journalist and wine expert Winsor Dobbin has gained a loyal following who hang on tenterhooks for his next no-holds-barred appraisal of wine, hotels, airlines and travel adventures (and misadventures).

Always on the lookout for a hug from his many admirers, Winsor dishes it out regardless but if things are supposed to get better with age, then Winsor is a prime example of maturing in old oak.

Transitory Traveller - Rob Woodburn
Rob Woodburn - a portrait of experience

Rob Woodburn was writing travel blogs well before the world knew what they were. Today he enjoys a more relaxed pace than his many years in the business of travel publishing once afforded him.

The result is a forthright yet sometimes whimsical travel blog that never drifts into crass commercialism or rampart product endorsement. Crisp, to-the-point and illuminated by years of experience without the jaded aftertaste many life-long writers suffer from.

Honorable Mentions

Of course, I could go on ad infinitum with more worthy blogs, but you've done well to read this far. So here are a few I could easily consider for next year's list.

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