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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Baby Pandas born in Macao


Macao's adorable local Xin Xin made history when she became the first giant panda to give birth in the city's Panda Pavilion.


The nine-year-old panda became the proud mother of twins, bonding well with her cubs which were born an hour apart.


She and the larger cub, which weighed in at 138 grams, were in good health, but the smaller cub was under weight at 53 grams and was whisked off to intensive care.


Both Xin Xin and male partner Kai Kai, were gifts of the People's Republic of China in recognition of the handover of Macao to the Central Government.


The pair was born at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre in Chengdu. The Macau Panda Pavilion opened in 2010 as an extension to the breeding program for the endangered black and white mammals.


The pair mated naturally. However, Xin Xin was also artificially inseminated with sperm from Kai Kai.


The gender of the twins is not yet known, and it will be about a month before the pair takes on the familiar black and white fur. 


Due the historic event, the domed air-conditioned pavilion, on Macao's Coloane Island, will not re-open until Tuesday, July 12.


The names Xin Xin and Kai Kai were chosen by Macao residents and represent happiness and the good wishes of the locals.


All those wishes were greeted with excitement by both the breeding staff and panda adoring Macao locals.


Details: Macao Government Tourism Office, phone (02) 9264 1488,


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