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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Car rental or car leasing? What's best for your Europe self-drive holiday?

As holidaymakers plan to drive Europe this northern summer the most-commonly asked question is "What is best, Car Leasing or Car Rental?"

Car Leasing is available through manufacturers such as France's Peugeot and worth considering by non-European Union residents who are over 18 years of age, plan to stay in Europe no longer than 6 months, and would like a car for over 17 days (with leasing becoming most cost-effective after around 30 days.)

Car Rental is provided through companies such as Europcar, Avis, Hertz and Enterprise, with rentals available from as little as one day.

"The main driver of the purchase decision is price," says Chris Hamill, CEO of DriveAway Holidays, Australia's largest self-drive holiday business. "Car Leasing gives a brand new vehicle direct from the factory for collection at a large number of centres within France, and various other European cities as well – with low delivery fees at these other cities." Mr Hamill says. "The all-inclusive price has no hidden extras and includes insurance with no excess in the event of accident or theft, no extra fees for airport collection or return, no additional-drivers' surcharges, no additional taxes, and there is no limit to the number of kilometres you can drive.

"The only extra costs are fuel and tolls, and being brand new you receive the precise model you want with diesel models guaranteed if requested and being cheaper to run. The Lease vehicle can also be driven throughout all of Western Europe, and much of Eastern Europe as well at no extra charge"

"Car Rental on the other hand allows a lot more flexibility with a wider spread of collection and return locations throughout Europe, and cars can be rented for just one day or more," says Mr Hamill.  "Generally rental cars are 6-8 months old, a large variety of models and makes are available, and rentals can be arranged very quickly.

"However with Car Rental an insurance excess applies in the event of an accident, there are charges for additional drivers, and restrictions do apply to driving into Eastern European countries.

"There is no right or wrong" says Chris Hamill.  "The majority of our clients rent, as they tend to need the car for 10-12 days only. But as every holidaymaker has different requirements we recommend talking to travel agents or a self-drive specialist to discuss your best option."

DriveAway Holidays can also be contacted direct on 1300 723 972 or

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