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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Tourism Australia's Facebook page,, has achieved another major milestone - reaching more than three million fans worldwide.

Already Australia's largest fan page and the world's most popular tourism destination page, Tourism Australia's Facebook page has seen fan numbers increase by one million since January 2012.

Tourism Australia's Managing Director, Andrew McEvoy, said social media continued to play an increasingly significant role in the national tourism agency's global marketing push.

"We are in the business of telling the world about Australia's incredible tourism experiences but the beauty of social media is that it allows our fans to share their stories about what makes Australia a unique destination to visit in a compelling and authentic way," Mr McEvoy said.

"The success of our Facebook page demonstrates the value of advocacy and word of mouth endorsement as a marketing tool and this is an approach that we will continue to use in the next iteration of our global marketing campaign There's nothing like Australia," he added.

Tourism Australia has a strong focus on using multiple digital platforms as travellers increasingly venture online to research their holidays and share their holiday experiences. 

The Facebook page is integrated with Tourism Australia's wider social media activity, which includes Twitter, a dedicated YouTube channel, Google+, Instagram and an increasingly large presence on major Asian social media platforms Weibo and Tudou.

Tourism Australia's Executive General Manager Consumer Marketing, Nick Baker said that listening to the audience and placing fans at the centre of the social media strategy has been a critical factor in evolving the destination's presence on Facebook.

"A key part of our success so far has been to understand what our audience cares about and create social media activity around that," Mr Baker said.

"Collectively, our three million fans have a Facebook network of more than 350 million friends which means we have a huge potential reach.

"What we are finding is that the best way to get Australia's message out there is to encourage them to get their networks involved in telling their story.  We will continue to evolve our strategy to provide our fans with relevant content that they can be part of and build upon with us," Mr Baker said.

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