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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TASMANIA: Island Still Open to Visitors

The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) reiterates yesterday's announcement by Tourism Tasmania and the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania (TICT) that unaffected areas of the island are still open for business as usual.

ATEC's Manager Director, Felicia Mariani, welcomed the news and encouraged continued support of Australia's Island State during this all-important peak holiday season.

"It's vital that national and international visitors continue with their travel plans to those areas not affected by the Tasmanian bushfires," said Ms Mariani.

"Accommodation providers, attractions, tours and restaurants in the unaffected regions are still welcoming visitors and look forward to offering the same level of service and unique Tasmanian experience to all who visit the State.

The support and expenditure by visitors to the island will be imperative to the Tasmanian economy as they work toward the recovery of areas ravaged by the bushfires.

"Tourism remains one of the leading drivers of the State's economy and this is the most critical time for tourism operators across the State. These operators and private citizens have supported their visitors in a time of need…now it's our turn to return the favour."

Ms Mariani also applauded those involved in the tourism industry and the broader community who have responded to calls of aid to help those in evacuation shelters, ferried stranded groups to safety and assisted the tireless work of the Emergency Services.

"It's in these times of crisis that the true Australian sprit comes to the fore; and nowhere has this been more evident than in the towns and villages of Tasmania who have put aside their own welfare and interests to assist those in need – both locals and visitors alike."

ATEC encourages all visitors or travel trade who may be concerned about their arrangements to firstly contact their accommodation or tour provider to confirm the status of their trip. They can also contact the Tasmanian Visitor Centres for further information and can keep abreast of the situation through the Tasmanian Government website or the Tasmanian Fire Service.

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