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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kokomo: Fiji's newest private island resort

Forbes Life has listed Fiji’s Kokomo Island Resort on Kadavu as one of the hot new hotels to try in 2016.

Australian property magnate Lang Walker is planning to soft-open his first ever resort project, located in Fiji.

The Kokomo Yaukuve Island Resort on Yaukuve Island, which is part of the Kadavu Island Group - surrounded by the world famous Great Astrolabe Reef - is set to officially open in 2016. Opening in 2016 The West side of Yaukuve Island Fiji is now complete, with the East side coming soon

The 21-villa hideaway is set to open on a 135-acre private island, one of ten in Kadavu’s Great Astrolabe Reef.

The beach side villas, come with private pools and are well-positioned for Fiji’s great pleasures of scuba diving and snorkeling with manta rays.

Owner of a development company, Walker Corporation, Walker noted there were unexpected challenges creating the resort in this new market as the site had to be carved out of the jungle.

Walker admitted to The Australian that he is new to the hospitality business and may face a few initial challenges: “I’ve got my training wheels on a bit," said Walker. “We’re pitching it to be the best in Fiji."

He added that the family-friendly resort will be aimed at visitors from Australia, New Zealand, the US and Asia.

Forbes is a leading source for reliable news and updated analysis on Lifestyle and Fiji was the only country to make its Oceania list.

(Source: Fiji Broadcasting Corporation & Spa Opportunities January 2016 )
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