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Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Pet Dinosaur in the Blue Mountains

Cinematic Pet Dinosaurs come alive in the Blue Mountains Jurassic landscape with cutting edge local film industry  

Blockbuster film director, Matt Drummond, has championed the Blue Mountains as an emerging world-class film and television production hub, following the production of his latest movie, My Pet Dinosaur.

Drummond said the Blue Mountains had remarkable landscapes, talented crews, actors and industry expertise; along with a supportive regional body, the Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise.

"There is a unique breadth and depth of talent, experience and world-class expertise in the Blue Mountains. Not only do we have leading technicians and crew living here, it seems to be home to some of Australia's leading actors," he said.

"The Blue Mountains is well placed to become a world-class film and television production hub. Filming and producing My Pet Dinosaur in and around the Blue Mountains was ideal. BMEE's Creative Industries Cluster under the MTNS MADE campaign provided us with invaluable collaboration and support across many aspects of the filmmaking process. MTNS MADE enabled access to resources, which ensured the production of My Pet Dinosaur remained a Blue Mountains region production."

My Pet Dinosaur, to be released internationally on April 22, 2017, was filmed at Blue Mountains locations, including Wentworth Falls Lake, The Old Bank Brasserie in Katoomba, Mt Wilson; and around Lithgow and surrounding regions.

My Pet Dinosaur looks set to out-perform Drummond's previous film, Dinosaur Island which was released in over 50 international markets. 'My Pet Dinosaur' is being billed as 'ET meets Pixar' and takes place in a town where a military experiment is uncovered when a young boy finds a tiny dinosaur. As the dinosaur grows, so too does the pursuit by government forces desperate to keep its existence a secret.

Drummond, has an impressive pedigree having worked with Discovery Channel USA, National Geographic USA, History Channel USA and several other international networks. He has received 3 Emmy Nominations, securing a win in 2014, and 1 AFI Nomination.  Through global interviews in the lead up to the movie's release, Matt is telling the world about the Blue Mountains as a film hub.

Drummond's comments follow the release of a report that shows the Blue Mountains' reputation as a creative industries hot spot is on the rise, with a report showing the emergence of a multi-million dollar industry. The independent report by economic analysis firm, Remplan found the Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise's (BMEE) Creative Industries Cluster has contributed over $13.5m to the local economy over the last 12 months by facilitating film production in the Blue Mountains.

Four local film productions were profiled by Remplan, including My Pet Dinosaur, and their local expenditure was analysed and found these films had generated an overall economic impact of $13.592m over 12 months.

BMEE CEO, Jacqueline Brinkman said, "the case study also shows that 40 local jobs were created as a result of these films. Each of the film producers acknowledge the role that BMEE and the Creative Industries Cluster played in keeping the production in the Blue Mountains."

The Creative Industries Cluster was developed by BMEE with funding from Blue Mountains City Council in 2013 when economic research showed that Creative Industries was the third greatest contributor to the Blue Mountains Gross Regional Product and generated 8% of local jobs. Since then, BMEE has established MTNS MADE, a brand and a campaign which serves as a collaborative platform for promoting the region and its creative excellence.

Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill said the results are highly impressive and show that BMEE's cluster based approach to industry development in the Creative Industries is growing the economy and generating local jobs.

"When Council first set up BMEE, the Board recognised that the Creative Industries represented an opportunity for the Blue Mountains to diversify the local economy. In collaboration with the local industry, the BMEE team implemented a number of innovative and proactive strategies and with this report, we are starting to see the fruits of that labour," Cr Greenhill said.

The Blue Mountains is a popular choice for a range of commercial and network filming activities, overseen by Council and NPWS,that further contribute to the regional economy.

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