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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Laucala Island, a private retreat in Fiji

Located in the north west of the Fijiian Islands, Laucala is a private island of breathtaking natural beauty with crystal clear beaches, dazzling turquoise lagoons, rich green mountains and swaying palm trees. One of the many pleasures of staying on Laucala is to explore the natural paradise of the Island and the sustainable practices put in place in order to minimise environmental impact and support local communities.

Laucala’s island’s unique cuisine is built around a central tenet of sustainability beginning with the agriculture. Traditional Fijian farming methods are used to grow a variety of plants, fruits and vegetables on the island. A team of more than 40 employees harvest and farm to produce fresh produce including, chillies, wild pumpkin, ginger, tropical fruits from bananas, papaya, mango and more.

Laucala operates three greenhouses, two specifically for herbs and lettuce and the third is used for tomatoes and capsicum. This method of gowning plants is referred to as Hydroponics, a mineral nutrient solution, based on water without soil. The reasons behind this method are to grow mature and strong plants avoiding the use of pesticides or herbicides.

In the South Pacific the coconut palm is referred to as the tree of life, supplying food and building materials and forming the basis for medicinal and beauty products. This is extremely evident at Laucala with more than a quarter of the island covered with coconut groves. From cocktails, culinary delights to wellness products the coconut is used in several practices on the island and has become one of the signature themes that make the guest experience unique.

In additional to the sustainable practices Laucala has the largest protected fishing grounds within Fiji and they have employed and trained local fisherman from surrounding villages to deliver fresh quality seafood daily. The region is renowned for various kinds of deep sea snapper, a Fijian delicacy fish PakaPaka, yellow and blue fin Tuna, Marlin and Swordfish.

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