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Friday, September 6, 2013

London scores in world’s biggest popularity poll

London has had its biggest-ever vote of confidence – being voted one of the world’s favourite cities in a gigantic worldwide popularity survey by Ipsos MORI.

The company spoke to 18,000 people in 24 countries – more than ever before – polling them on the best cities on earth to work in, live in and visit.

London was the only city in Europe to rank in the top five in all three categories, with only New York matching that achievement worldwide.

The Ipsos Top Cities Study returned London as top place to live in Europe, surpassing all the other major European cities and nations including Paris, Rome and Berlin.

With all results taken together, the survey showed London and Paris outclassing runners-up including Abu Dhabi and Sydney to rank only marginally behind New York as world #1.

Broken down, London ranked as 3rd best city to visit, 4th best city to live in and 5th best city for doing business,Each city was given an overall score based on the sum of responses across all three categories.

Gordon Innes, CEO of London and Partners, said: “Londoners already know that there is nowhere else they’d rather live and work. It’s great to see that our reputation has officially gone global. We work every day with businesses, tourists and students from all corners of the globe who want to be part of our great city. They see London as the best place on earth to work, live, study - and enjoy yourself. This survey is truly vast in scope, the biggest of its kind in history, and it’s gratifying, but not surprising, to see how highly London scores in every category.”

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