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Monday, December 3, 2018

Colombia & Chile with George Negus: mindful travel in an era of ‘fake news’

World Expeditions has launched a new “Travel for the Mind Colombia & Chile with George Negus” itinerary for 2019, following on from his highly successful 2018 journey through Jordan, Israel & the Occupied Territories.

George Negus’s exciting new Travel for the Mind itinerary will take travellers behind the headlines to discover the phenomenal changes that are unfolding in these once-troubled countries, as they emerge from the political and military struggles of the past.

According to World Expeditions CEO, Sue Badyari, creating the Travel for the Mind itineraries with a seasoned professional traveller and journalist like George Negus and his partner Kirsty Cockburn, has proven to be incredibly popular with travellers.

“George Negus has had a lasting impact on Australian television viewers for a reason,” Sue said.

“Feedback from the travellers, who have joined our Travel for the Mind itineraries, recounts George’s wonderful capacity to explain, engage and explore as he travels, and the way he makes it possible for them to swiftly educate themselves and gain a deeper understanding of countries that have dominated global headlines for a whole generation.

“They describe the Travel for the Mind experience as an ‘innovative way to provide unfiltered information to everyday people’.

“This, in an era of fake news, is an extraordinary concept.”

“Travel for the Mind” itineraries are specially crafted by George Negus, drawing on his extensive experience and the valuable contacts made during his 30 plus years travelling the globe as a journalist.

“These itineraries are designed for the culturally, socially, politically and religiously curious travellers, giving them the chance to explore, question and probe and ultimately to leave these destinations with their own story to tell and a greater understanding of where they’ve been and the lives of those they have met,” George said.

“These journeys are like journalism without a television camera and a smaller but no less critical audience.”

George Negus describes Colombia as a new opportunity for Australians to comfortably traverse a geographically beautiful and incredibly diverse country and to gain a real appreciation of the phenomenal changes that have taken place since the historic Peace Agreement in November 2016 ended a half-century-long conflict.

“Once off-limits to visitors due to security issues, Colombia is enjoying increased political stability and a rise in tourism following the collapse of the key major drug cartels that had previously created security issues limiting access for tourists to many of its most extraordinary regions,” he said.

“Now it’s become a rare good news story, with striking architectural beauty, preserved colonial towns and largely unspoilt natural wonders waiting to be explored.

“And in Chile, tourism has in fact flourished since 2006, increasing 300 per cent after decades of economic collapse from similar political instability caused by long dictatorships,” he said.

Priced from $9990 per person (twin share), Travel for the Mind Colombia & Chile with George Negus departs from Bogota, Colombia, and finishes in Santiago, Chile with an optional escorted extension to the remarkable Atacama Desert.

A vast and incredibly diverse country, Colombia dominates the 18-day itinerary which ends in the Chilean capital, Santiago. Highlights include:

· Discovering Street Art with a lot to say about a changing South America
· Exploring the well-preserved colonial towns of Villa de Levya, Cartagena and Barichara
· Undertaking a river journey along the Rio Magdalena to the UNESCO protected site of remote Mompox
· Meeting young Colombians turning their country around with business ventures like the
· La Palma y el Tucan coffee farm
· Travelling through the Colombian Andes
· Traversing the urban innovations that have caught the world’s attention in Medellin, former home of Pablo Escobar’s notorious drug cartels
· Enjoying an Ancestral lunch at renowned Peumayen in Santiago

The itinerary includes breakfast and accommodation in specially selected unique boutique hotels, 10 lunches and 10 dinners, internal flights in Colombia, private transfers and tours, an English speaking guide throughout Colombia, local site guides, entrance fees and boat transport.

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