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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hong Kong Tourism Board launches "My time for ... Hong Kong" brand

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has launched its new branding “My time for ... Hong Kong” at a trade event in Sydney. The focus of the “My time for” brand is on ‘experiential’ travel to provide personal connections for travellers with the destination so they can explore beyond the city’s iconic attractions and discover its many hidden treasures. This new direction is a move away from a focus on ‘product’ to showcase an emotional connection and engagement with the destination, enabling visitors to shape and share their unique and personal Hong Kong travel experiences with friends and family.

The ‘My time for’ branding will provide consistent elements across the HKTB’s advertising and event communications to highlight the brand’s DNA and the destination’s core experiences of shopping, dining + nightlife, city icons and culture. The new branding will focus on inviting visitors to explore the many different worlds in Hong Kong and via ‘word of mouth’ and content generation share these experiences with their networks. The destination’s core experiences will also be supported by the promotion of the great outdoors (green) and major events, including cultural festivals, sporting and arts events.

The “My time for’ brand tagline can be tailored depending upon the key messages and focus of each campaign to highlight a variety of themes including “My time for inspiration” and “My time for exploration”. By adapting the tagline the HKTB aims to bring to life the destination’s unique experiences and major events for travellers across its promotional and advertising campaigns, including digital and online promotions.

To ensure these messages are well delivered the HKTB has invested in a master photography project to produce a series of new destination images which capture the city’s sights, sounds and stories and clearly portray the “My time for’ branding. These new images will be used across the HKTB’s advertising, events, publicity, social media and online promotions globally.

Hong Kong Tourism Board

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