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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aussies and Londoners flock to 2012 Singapore SingTel Grand Prix

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Aussies and Londoners flock to 2012 Singapore SingTel Grand Prix
·        New data from Amadeus and ForwardKeys shows far-reaching international profile of visitors to Singapore during the F1 period.
·        Top arrivals to Singapore during the 2012 F1 period from Australia, closely followed by the United Kingdom and USA.
·        F1 fans from London currently represent the highest number of bookings from any one city in the world, beating previous city front runner, Sydney.

Sydney, 19 September 2012: Amadeus, a leading travel technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, in conjunction with Forward Data SL, a market research and consulting company, today unveil travel trends, based on global air reservations, that highlight the impact of the Singapore F1 on inbound travel to the Asian city state.

With just days to go before the qualifying races, the majority of arrivals are expected from Australia, the UK and the USA for the F1 period in Singapore.

Bookings for the F1 period, made until 1 September 2012, show that overall bookings for the F1 are currently 3% lower than at the same time in 2011, reflecting the possible impact of global downturn. However the data shows that a surge in last minute bookings can be expected.

Top trends identified:

v        Australia is the recurrent principal source country overall for inbound visitors to Singapore during the F1 with 23% of bookings, followed by the UK (12%) and USA (8%).
Australia carries over its status as top source country from last year, with fans eager to see if Webber will add to his two wins on the circuit during the famous Singapore night race.

v        F1 fans from London currently represent the highest number of travellers from any one city (9% of total bookings) during this period.
High off the success of the 2012 Olympic Games, it seems Londoners are heading to Singapore for the F1 to continue their support for some of the world's most iconic sporting events that 2012 will see. Sydney follows in second place with 8% and Melbourne with 6% of total bookings.

v        The UK, Australia and New Zealand show recurrent support for the Singapore F1, but New Zealand F1 fans show double digit growth in 2012.
Travellers from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand show higher anticipation when booking for the Singapore Grand Prix than other countries, booking further in advance than neighbouring Asian countries. Current bookings observed suggest that Australia and New Zealand could increase its relevance this year thanks mainly to a huge 34% growth seen in bookings from New Zealand compared to 2011.

v        Last minute bookings tipped to fill the stands.
Despite current booking numbers dipping 3% lower than at the same time last year for the F1 period, it is expected that last minute bookings could still have a major impact on the final picture. Looking at booking data just three weeks before the first race in 2011, 33% of the final 2011 F1 arrival figures had not even been booked yet.

v        Race goers making a long weekend of it; new alternative to the traditional romantic weekend.
Thursday 20th September shows peak arrival numbers (14.9% of total bookings for the period), two days before the qualifying race takes place, suggesting that visitors arriving for the F1 are making a long weekend out of the famous Singapore leg of the circuit this year. Furthermore, 2012 will see more couples arriving in Singapore with one third of current bookings for the F1 period being held by people visiting Singapore with a partner, up 7% on 2011's final arrivals into Singapore.

David Brett, President Amadeus Asia Pacific, said, "Our analysis highlights the significant opportunity for travel providers and businesses in Singapore over the F1 period, particularly between 20th and 23rd September, when hotels are likely to see a surge in bookings. In particular, the research highlights that the window for air bookings to Singapore is not yet closed, with many more last minute flight, and subsequently hotel, bookings still expected in the run up to the event.

"For the travel and leisure industries, understanding traveller behaviour is essential to scale their services accordingly to meet shifts in travel patterns impacting the local region. The Singapore F1 continues to grow in popularity both regionally and globally, and through hosting this level of top-tier sports content, Singapore can reaffirm itself as a key player on the global sporting stage and continue to be a hub for compelling content benefiting both the local community and international fans to enjoy."

Olivier Jager, CEO of Forward Data, added, "Travel trends are an important source of information for travel and leisure companies. By tailoring their commercial offering to external factors affecting traveller flows and profiles by region, travel companies can drive business more effectively. The data used in this survey represents actual bookings made, so travel providers can base their business decisions upon it with confidence."

The forecast provided by, a business intelligence tool launched by Forward Data in partnership with Amadeus, is based on actual air booking data available as of 1 September 2012.

To download a copy of the report please visit:

About the research

Market Research and Consulting Company for the Travel Industry Forward Data SL publishes a web site and a database aggregating Air reservation information worldwide.
This study is based on air reservations processed through online and off-line Travel Agencies worldwide using one of the four leading reservations systems (GDS), as aggregated within database until the (01/09/2012). For more information about data, studies and methodologies, please contact us by email at

Facts, figures and observations published in this document are no projection or extrapolations, but concrete and factual information based on the information available at the time and market fluctuations.  

The analysis is based on all reservations stored in database for travellers around the world that have made an air reservation to travel to Singapore on the period of 16/09/2012 to 23/09/2012 and past equivalent dates.
Reservations aggregated the day of the study represent a total of 74% when compared to actual arrivals for the period of concern in 2011 (As a matter of comparison, at same day and same week in 2011, 77% of  arrivals later observed for 2011 F1 period had been processed).

ForwardKeys background information

Market Research and Consulting Company Forward Data SL, a company registered in Spain, publishes, and an innovating service bringing a new approach to operational traveller data intelligence for Hotels Chains, Tourism boards and Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) leveraging non confidential Air reservation information.
ForwardKeys provides DMOs and Tourism Boards with travellers' trends information and means to monitor and measure the impact of their marketing efforts to drive more business to their destination
ForwardKeys provides Hotel chains with ways to quantify future demand and anticipate market trends to optimize sales, marketing and revenue management efforts, using traveller's reservation, source market, arrival, return date and future travel information.
For more information about our company and services, please contact us at, or visit our web site at

© 2012 Forward Data, S.L.
Forward Data, S.L. is providing the information in this document "AS IS" without warranty and for informational purposes only, and shall not be liable for any damages, including loss of profit or goodwill, for any matter arising out of or relating to the use of this information or any statement made in this document. The information may be used or republished as long as is credited as the origin. ForwardKeys is a registered trademark of Forward Data S.L. Other company, product, or service names used herein may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners in Spain, the USA or other countries.

About Amadeus

Amadeus is a leading transaction processor and provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry.

Customer groups include travel providers (e.g. airlines, hotels, rail, ferries, etc.), travel sellers (travel agencies and websites), and travel buyers (corporations and individual travellers).

The group operates a transaction-based business model and processed more than 947 million billable travel transactions in 2011.

Amadeus has central sites in Madrid (corporate headquarters), Nice (development) and Erding (operations – data processing centre) and regional offices in Miami, Buenos Aires, Bangkok and Dubai. At a market level, Amadeus maintains customer operations through 73 local Amadeus Commercial Organisations covering 195 countries.

Amadeus is listed on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia stock exchanges and trades under the symbol "AMS.MC". For the year ended December 31, 2011 the company reported like-for-like revenues of €2,712 million and EBITDA of €1,039 million. The Amadeus group employs around 10,000 people worldwide, with 123 nationalities represented at the central offices.

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