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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cruise Critic Australia is live

Cruise Critic, the world's largest online cruise resource, has launched a new website for Australian cruisers. The new site,, will provide reviews of cruise ships popular to the Australian market, with a heavy focus on cruise topics of interest to Australian cruisers, including pricing and deals.

“The Australian cruise market has grown exponentially in just the past few years, and it's on par to be one of the largest areas of growth in the industry in 2015,” explains Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor-in-chief of Cruise Critic. “With more than 200,000 Australian cruisers already planning their trips with Cruise Critic, we wanted to offer an experience catered specifically to those travelers – pricing, deals, tips and reviews to make planning a cruise even easier.”

Cruise Critic is a cruise review site and international community of cruise travellers which launched in the U.S. in 1995 as the first consumer cruise site on the Web and now helps more than 4 million people plan their cruise holidays every month. The award-winning site features more than 100,000 cruise reviews and hosts the world's largest online cruise community where travellers exchange advice and tips on all aspects of cruising. Published by The Independent Traveler, Inc., a subsidiary of TripAdvisor since 2007, the company's first international expansion was Cruise Critic's UK site which launched in 2008.

Serving as senior editor of Cruise Critic Australia will be Sydney-based writer and editor, Louise Goldsbury. Awarded 'Best Travel Writer' in the 2013 National Travel Industry Awards, and a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers, Goldsbury covered the cruise industry for the past five years as editor of Cruise Weekly.

“Over the years, interest in cruising has really taken off with Australians,” says Goldsbury. “And cruise lines are answering that by sending more and more ships to our region. With so much growth, it's an ideal time for the creation of a Cruise Critic specifically for Australians, to highlight the details and topics that matter most to us.”

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