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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Why Aussie travellers dislike group touring

A national survey of 1,000 travellers has revealed what puts Aussies off when it comes to large group tours abroad.

The survey, commissioned as part of Intrepid's Adventure Travel Index, asked consumers to rank what deters them about large group tours from a list of common complaints. At the top of the list was feeling like they're part of mass tourism - proving travellers are seeking out more personal and bespoke experiences. The second biggest concern with group touring was only visiting places where the leaders get a commission, followed by a fear of having a lack of free time.

Travellers also said group tours wouldn't allow them to experience a destination like a local and they were deterred by 'cookie cutter' experiences with nothing unique on the itinerary.

Luckily for Intrepid Travel, these concerns don't translate to their small group tours. To answer why size matters so much, CEO James Thornton said: "Small group tours are based around 16 or less people guided by a local and visiting places on and off the tourist trail. The itineraries take the guesswork and lengthy planning out of it, but allow for free time to explore a place. In small groups, the tour leader has the opportunity to ad lib and share what's unique about his or her home country."

He went on to say that Intrepid would hate for sceptics of touring to lump us in the same category as all group tours.

"Small group tours address what's wrong with mass tourism by minimising the impact on the local environment. At Intrepid, we use only local tour leaders meaning out travellers can immerse themselves completely in their chosen destination, and our specially designed itineraries go to places that large groups, and cruise ships, simply can't access."

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