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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Message from CEO, Dr. Dhananjay Regmi, Nepal Tourism Board

Dear Best Friends and Well Wishers of Nepal,

On behalf of the Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the
whole Nepalese tourism fraternity, I am pleased to write to you this
mail.  First of all, I wish all of you sound health, progress and
prosperity during this hour of crisis.
This is our distinct honour to acknowledge your support and cooperation
for the promotion of Nepal in international markets and for the
development of Nepal's tourism industry. You have always been
instrumental in establishing Nepal's rich natural and cultural products
and activities in the global tourism map. You are truly Nepal's Goodwill
Ambassadors for a long time.
Today, both you and we have been suffering from the impacts of COVID 19
pandemic which has brought the global economies to their knees. All of
us are aware that this pandemic has caused huge fatalities around the
world. Our deepest tributes go to those who lost their lives, and we
wish all infected quickest recovery.  In Nepal, the death ratio of COVID
infected people is 0.9%, while as of now, the recovery rate is remarkably
high. We hope and pray we will come out of this situation at the
earliest. Government of Nepal and other concerned authorities have been
aggressively working on keeping it under control.
  It is evident that tourism has been the hardest hit sector by this
pandemic. To set this business upright, we have to struggle hard with
all kinds of partnerships, collaborations, and cooperation. In Nepal,
Government, private sector and NTB have been working round the clock to
reopen tourism business at the earliest date. For this, Government has
issued safety Protocol and ensured its strict implementation in all
sectors, tourism, hospitality and aviation being highly prioritized. We
are gradually opening the business step by step. Since September 1st,
international flights resumed while we are planning to resume domestic
flights from this month. Government has taken all safety measures as its
top priority.
In the new normal scenario, tastes and interests of travellers are likely
to change. Safety, health security and natural setting will be their
choices. For this, you can count on Nepal because it is the country
which is largely based on Natural products. Adventure activities, which
are unique features of Nepal's tourism, will be more sought after by
travellers. Trekking, jungle safari, rafting, sustainable tourism
activities are more likely to be in the bucket list of potential
visitors. Yoga, meditation, herbal medicines, organic foods, Ayurvedic
treatments and traditional healing methods will be on a greater demand.
For all this, Nepal will be on top of the list. Even today, for instance,
high profile mountain expeditions to Mt. Lobuche and Mt. Manaslu are
being organized. Prince of Kingdom of Bahrain is leading the expedition
this month.
Due to the pandemic, most of the international events like trade fairs,
sales missions, roadshows and others have been postponed. We are
planning to participate in such international events as soon as the
situation becomes comfortable and movement becomes smooth. At this
moment, we are launching our alternative marketing campaigns through
digital marketing strategies. We are making optimum use of social media,
blogging, and other means of digital outlets. In this mission, your
engagements and supports are essential.
Nepal is the destination for all seasons and for all reasons. We will
keep in touch with you and update our status on regular basis.
Thanking you,

Dr. Dhananjay Regmi
Chief Executive Officer
Nepal Tourism Board

  Tourist Service Center, Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-1-4256909 | FAX: 977-0-4256910 | Email:

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