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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New South African Airways international and regional menu

Africa's leading airline, South African Airways has released details of new in-flight dining menus for international and regional long-haul flights.

According to SAA's Head of Australasia and India, Thevan Krishna, the new menu will "delight our customers' palates and further enhance SAA's onboard product offering."

"After detailed research into global trends in dining and cuisine, we have designed a healthy new menu to tantalise our passengers' tastebuds," Thevan said. "We have also taken into account the desire of a large number of passengers who want to consume meals when they want to."

"On all international sectors, SAA will now offer a selection of canapés to accompany the "first beverage" service in business class with international and long haul regional flights having an option of a fresh seafood starter or hot soup. This is followed by an aperitif that includes a glass of one of France's most famous champagnes, Moet & Chandon Brut Impérial."  

"A basket filled with an assortment of warm fresh breads and pastries with butter and preserves will be offered before the four main course options to include poultry, red meat, fish and non-meat dishes. The new poultry choice is a lighter, healthier option of grilled lemon and herb chicken breast served with steamed baby potatoes, Parisienne butternut and mange touts."

"SAA is also offering a traditional South African specialty – Kingklip caught off the South African coast, accompanied by cumin-scented yellow basmati rice, grilled mixed vegetables and lightly curried Cape Malay sauce. For a sweet finale, premium class customers will enjoy a cake of the day."

"A selection of fine South African cheeses, crackers and preserves will follow, served with beverages from the full bar. SAA's wine selection is one of the best of any global airline and includes hand-picked wines from the best vineyards in South Africa, France, Australia, Italy and the US."

"For the convenience of our business class passengers, SAA now offers a new Express Service, giving customers more time to work or relax while onboard. SAA's Express Breakfast consists of natural or flavoured yoghurt, cereal, sliced seasonal fresh fruit and a selection of bread. Upon customer request, this meal will be served 90 minutes before landing."

Thevan said that in economy class, there will now be a selection of three main courses instead of two with a healthy salad starter, followed by a red meat dish, chicken or fish and a non-meat option. Dessert is followed by cheese and crackers, with a full bar offered.

"To enhance the travel experience of our customers, we will ensure that ingredients relevant to a particular route in all classes are served," Thevan said.

"Our menus within South Africa have also been upgraded, with business class passengers enjoying the choice of a hot English breakfast or health-conscious menus comprising fruit, yoghurt and muesli. "

"On both long and shorter routes at different times of the day we will offer delectable snacks including meat and non-meat options, fruit salad or desserts as an afternoon option." 

"In economy class on shorter routes, passengers will be delighted by fresh sandwiches, healthy wraps and picnic baskets with savoury and sweet components."

SAA's new menu will be served using re-usable or biodegradable bamboo packaging, in line with its carbon offset program.

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