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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Make wellbeing your New Year's resolution

Well Traveller, Australia’s first and only authoritative wellness travel voice encourages Australians to use the festive break to reset their wellbeing priorities to get back to centre, and incorporate wellness experiences and travel in their upcoming New Year’s resolutions.

People’s mental, physical and social wellbeing have been exhausted this year and setting intentions for 2023 is the perfect way to reset and shift patterns that may no longer align with what you need.

Current research* states that people are wanting to invest in their wellbeing more than ever before.
56% of people are wanting to devote more to their personal wellbeing and 42 % want to take more wellness holidays.

Katherine Droga, Founder of and the first Australian Wellness Tourism Summit, Executive Producer of Well Traveller TV and Chair of the Global Wellness Institute Wellness Tourism Initiative said that the research is heavily reflecting consumer sentiment that wellness is at the top of people’s list moving through the global pandemic.

“Wellbeing has never been so widespread in the global psyche, touching everything from our day to day habits and workplaces through to driving the experiences we want in our time off. People want to feel a certain way from their experiences – refilling their ‘cup’ so to speak.

“Truly transformational wellness experiences are when you try something new that takes you out of your comfort zone and connects you in some way to create the wellness magic that we instinctively are yearning for. The transformation brings about the shift that we need in our lives, and it’s different for everybody,” Droga said.

Regular wellness holidays throughout the year are a great way to avoid burn out.

“If you want to put your wellness at the top of the list, plan regular trips and experiences throughout the year. We call it wellness snacking – it’s about planning several scattered wellness breaks throughout the year rather than one big holiday.

“Setting an intention at the start of 2023 and booking through our site which has more than 300 wellness experiences across Australia to choose from is a great start,” she said. is the undisputed place to go for wellness travel ideas and bookings in the new year. From luxury stays at retreats like Gwinganna in QLD or Sequoia in SA, through to wheel throwing classes on the Sunshine Coast or Cow Cuddling or Mossman Gorge Adventure in Cairns, or have an organic farm stay experience in the Margaret River or mix it up in NSW with the Breathwork + Ice Bath + Sauna + Float or the Lagoon glamping, bathe and graze in East Gippsland, NSW.

“Australia is literally a melting pot of wellness experience for all budgets. What’s great about is that you can search for experiences by how you want to feel from your holiday be it; pampered, connected, nourished, unplugged, creative, or you simply want to learn, move or just breathe – your feeling state is the key to planning an authentic wellness holiday,” she said.

Other tips for wellness include: an accountability buddy (partner, friend, child etc) to join you on a shared commitment to hold wellness as a priority; commit to wellness snacking – don’t plan just one huge trip but pepper your year with wellness experiences that ‘fill your cup’; make a commitment to try something new like; breathwork, sound healing, pottery, cuddling a cow, tribal dance, walk on country with an Aboriginal elder; or create a digital sunset and unplug for your household and use that time to connect – check out the unplug kits on, which also features first in best dressed access to key wellness events throughout the year like Wellness wander in the Adelaide Hills in April or Own your own Truth Live in Manly, Sydney in February by Layne Beachley, Well Traveller TV’s host and seven times world champion surfer and mental wellness advocate.

"Own Your Truth Live is an incredible opportunity to learn the health, vitality and mindset practices to being consistently centred, connected and confident. The fun-filled day of inspiration will improve your self-awareness, boost alignment with your dream team, set clear boundaries and awaken your spirit to make 2023 your year,” said Layne Beachley.

Also look out for the New Year’s essential kit which will be 25% OFF for the month of January and includes two Well Traveller organic essential oils plus an Unplug pouch for your phone to help you truly switch off for just $53, or enter into the Well Traveller $50K competition before 31 December for your chance to win a wellness holidays across Australia to support your wellbeing. Enter here

For more information about the Well Traveller website or to book your next wellness experience, visit: or check out the TV series on Network 10 hosted by Layne Beachley

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