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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Vietjet takes flight with United Cup and Kooyong Classic in 2024

Vietjet has partnered with the United Cup and Kooyong Classic in 2024, with each tournament, spearheading a mission to ignite the fervour for travel, health, and fitness across the globe. 

The imminent second edition of the United Cup, a groundbreaking mixed team tennis event welcomed the convergence of the world’s top-ranked tennis players from 18 nations, fiercely competing for an impressive USD 10 million in prize money and pivotal world ranking points. 

Melbourne's Kooyong Classic, preceding the Australian Open, commands attention as it draws in top-tier tennis talents. With several top 10 ATP players poised to participate, each game anticipates a bustling audience of around 5,000 spectators, ready to witness and celebrate this pinnacle of tennis prowess.  

As part of the partnership with the United Cup and the Kooyong Classic, Vietjet aims to champion the ethos of sportsmanship and invigorate the hearts of athletes and sports enthusiasts worldwide. Vietjet’s flight services to Australia will offer tennis aficionados direct access to the thrilling clashes among the globe's eminent players, presenting an unforgettable experience through convenient flight options spanning Vietnam, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan (China), Hong Kong (China), and Southeast Asia.  

Vietjet consistently presents international tickets starting from AUD 99 every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, available on its website and on  Vietjet Air mobile app. Earlybird patrons stand the chance to receive enticing e-vouchers offering promotions up to AUD 30 (**) and other enticing rewards.  

Embark on a riveting sports travel expedition fuelled by health, vitality, elation, and thrill aboard Vietjet's eco-friendly aircraft. Savour delectable organic hot meals, including Vietnamese culinary delights such as Pho Thin and Banh mi Vietnam, as well as globally acclaimed dishes served by our affable and proficient cabin crews at an astounding altitude of 10,000 meters.  

Revel in extraordinary experiences Down Under and immerse yourself in the fervent tennis ambience at the United Cup and Kooyong Classic, soaring high with Vietjet!  

(*) Excluding taxes and fees 

(**) Terms and conditions 


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